Marijuana Use on Nuva Ring

Patient: What are the health risks of marijuana use while on the Nuva Ring?I was told by my doctor that I should not smoke cigarettes or tobacco (not that I do, anyway) while on hormonal birth control due to blood clots. Marijuana, on the other hand, I smoke regularly. I was recently put on the Nuva Ring, and I was wondering how safe it is to do both?

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comThere are however not many studies which have compared the effects of use of marijuana with birth control pills as its a restricted opioid. But it has been seen to potentiate the side effects of hormonal contraceptives and nuva ring happens to be one of them.It is like any other opioid and psychotic medications known to reduce the efficacy of the hormonal contraceptive. Also known to increase the risk of blood clotting, weight gain , water retention in body and may cause heart ailments.So it would be wise to avoid its usage with Nuva ring ideally.I hope i have answered your query,regards