Married question

Patient: I’ve been married for 5 years to a very committed husband and we are mature adults therefore have agreed to a monogamous relationship to one another. We are each others first and only sexual partner have each been tested for sexual transmitted diseases which have all come back negative. I have been consistently on birth control since just before we got married. We have always engaged in intercourse with use of a condom. We are considering having children within the next year. However, prior to that point we have both been discussing the idea of no longer using condoms. My question is whether or not there is anything we should be concerned about if we go forward without a condom. We completely understand the risks of STD’s and are committed to only being intimate with each other but want insight on if it’s okay as a married couple to have intercourse without a condom and if there are any risks.

Doctor: In the view that you both are committed in a monogamous relationship, and both agreed not to incur in risky sexual behav iours as having sex with an multiple unknown partners , become injection-drug users . As long as your commitment is in effect and respected by both, the risk of STD is minimum.