Mask of pregnancy returned after pregnancy along with hair loss

Patient: I got pregnancy mask 8 years ago and it got better after pregnancy but now it’s back what can I do?Also I’m having severe hair loss and I’m getting worried about it

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ask the doctor,Mask of pregnancy or chloasma or melasma is a pigmentary disorder which can be contr olled or improved, but cannot be cured. The most important aspect of treatment will be sun protection. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen daily in the mornings and re-apply every 3 hours. You may apply a lightening cream containing hydroquinone 2 % at night over the dark patches. You may also get around 4 to 6 sittings of chemical peel done for faster and better improvement. For these kindly consult a dermatologist practicing cosmetic dermatology.Hair fall could be due to a lot of reasons. It could be the stress due physical ailments or psychological stress. All these usually cause a condition called telogen effluvium. There are other types of hair fall like patterned (Female pattern baldness) or alopecia areata, scarring alopecia etc. Therefore it is important first to go for a consultation with a dermatologist to assess the type of hair fall you have as the treatments vary.We treat Telogen effluvium with vitamin supplements containing biotin, calcium pantothenate , anti-oxidants and minerals for a duration of atleast 3 months.Biotin rich foods are carrots, almonds, walnut, cucumber, cauliflower, milk and eggs. Eggs also have protein and amino acids required for hair growth.Hope this helped,Take care and wish you good health.