Massive back pain because of ovaries flipping?

Patient: I have had massive pain in my back for 2-3 weeks, worse then I’ve ever experienced, but mostly in the lower right side. I’ve heard recently that it’s possible for ovaries to flip which can cause alot of lower back pain. I haven’t ever had a regular period other then when I was on birth control for a year. But since I’ve been off birth control for just about a year I’ve had maybe 4-5 periods.. could my ovaries have possibly flipped? Or is it something else??

Symptoms: Massive back pain: shoulders and lower back. As well as cramping in stomach and ovary area.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We are sorry you that you have been experiencing such pain. With regards to your ovary, w hat we believe you are describing is a condition called Ovarian Torsion. This is where your ovary and fallopian tube become twisted around their respective vascular supply resulting in sudden lower abdominal and pelvic pain along with nausea and vomiting. This usually requires direct medical intervention and repaired with surgery. If you suspect that you may be having such a condition we recommend that you seek medical attention immediately. Another likely cause of this could be musculoskeletal in origin. You could have probably sustained a muscle strain resulting in the severe pain you are experiencing. We recommend that you be evaluated by your doctor as soon as possible.Thank you for choosing