Masterbation=Frequent Urine

Patient: Hello doctor.i have been masterbating for the past couple of months and stopped a few days ago.I noticed now i cant hold in pee.i just get this urge to pee out of nowhere! I cant even make it to the toliet and even when i do, its only a little.Is it a U.T.I. or damaged nervous circuits?If the latter how do I repaire the nerves?

Symptoms: Burning in that area/feels dry,urge to pee at random times,only a little pee comes out multiple times a day.

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern.This issue is not related to Masturbation.It seems you are s uffering from Stones in your renal tract particularly in ureter with or without Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).I would advise you following:1.Ultrasound Abdomen with KUB.2. Hemogram3. Urine culture.4. X-ray KUB.5. KFT.You would be treated based on size, site of the stone.If Urine infection is found you would be given antibiotics based on culture report.This is my personal opinion for you based on available details.Stay Healthy.