Mastitis without breastfeeding?

Patient: I have a lump on my right boob that I just noticed today. The area by the lump is red and it hurts when I put pressure on it. Just standing it feels slightly weird but not painful. I have not breastfed in 2 years so I’m sure its not due to breastfeeding. It is christmas eve, no doctors office is open, I have family in town and I am leaving to go out of town in a few days for a week. Is this something that needs to be seen, and if so, how long can it wait?

Symptoms: Painful lump, redness around lump

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIf the lump has developed in few days and you have noticed it today then it indicates that it is an acute injury probably a constant pressure injury which has caused the local fat tissue injury leading to inflammation and pain or it is probably a folliculitis which has developed over 2 days and inflammatory reaction has caused a lump to form.It is definitely not mastitis as you have not been breast feeding and thus it doesn’t involve localized collection of breast milk forming a galactocele which has got infected. Hence it is suggested to observe for 24 hrs to look for any increase in size and redness/pain, if it occurs so , then its an infection and you would have to take a course of antibiotics to treat it through a prescription by a physician.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,,regards