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Mastoid pain: possible causes

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I experience severepain in the lower part of left side of head, back of ear. The pain lasts for very few seconds. It is a severeexcruciating pain from within. I experienced it 2 times in the last week.It is localised to a very small region, about 3cms lateral to mastoid process. I am worried about it? Should I consult a doctor? Is it necessary to consult a doctor soon? Should I go for an EEG?


 If the pain that you described is not accompanied by any other symptoms as dizziness, seizures, local redness, drainage from the ear, fever, goes away spontaneously, is not radiated, just localized, we can rule out the primary cause of Mastoid pain which is Mastoiditis from a middle ear infection. However, we have other possible causes as:  referred pain from the jaw joint, neuralgia of a sensory nerve in the ear area.  It could also be musculoskeletal pain of the temporalis or neck muscles.  I would recommend a check by your doctor to make sure that you don't have any other reason for this.

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