Maternity Questions Please help Bracole Mills Hi, I have

Patient: Maternity Questions Please helpBracole MillsHi,I have recently had a miscarriage and I have asked for clarification from my OB and I still am confused and was hoping you could offer some insight.I had PCOS and did not have menstrual cycles for two years and unexpectedly conceived! I found out that I had a subchorionic hematoma after having bleeding. This continued throughout the pregnancy and I passed blood clots but the baby was always fine and continued developing. During my 15 week ultrasound, the tech and nurse practitioner said the hematoma appeared to have resolved.I did not have bleeding for three weeks.April 5th I had a large amount of bleeding and this time a liquid also came out with the blood. The next day went to my OB and the ultrasound revealed that my amniotic fluid was lower than normal. They said they didn’t see a hematoma and my cervix was closed. The baby’s Harmony results were said to be normal. I was sent home with a referral to a high risk doctor.Tuesday evening April 7 I had pain that felt like a band around my lower back and belly. It was very sporadic and felt like menstrual cramps but the bleeding had slowed down. This pain intensified and started happening more often. This was my first pregnancy so I had no idea what it was but I started keeping track of the time and i noticed the cramps went from hourly, to thirty minutes, ten, and then fifteen and I couldn’t stand it. I could not keep down food and water because the pain made me vomit. I called an ambulance and was admitted.In the hospital they asked for a sample of my urine and my mom and the nurse pointed out it was dark. I stayed in the hospital with the pain and I was given Percoset/oxycodone every 4-6 hours for pain and it didn’t help. The nurses but the contraction machine on me but said I wasn’t having contractions. They baby’s heart was 150 when I came in, had elevated to 170 and the last time they checked it was about 150.They also swabbed my vagina to see if I was leaking amniotic fluid and the test said negative. I didn’t receive any further testing, just given Percoset. I also hadn’t had the baby’s heart rate checked for four hours. The next day at 1:30 the pain was constant, I hadn’t slept, could not keep food and water down and I felt a bulge at my vaginal opening. The nurse told me they could not check as it would irritate my cervix. I decided to go to the restroom, put a toilet hat in the stool and in three pushes, my son came out. I was given an IV,pain medicine and 4 tiny pills that they said would help release the placenta. They used an ultrasound machine to see if the placenta was fully extracted and they said it was.The nurses and OB prepared to take my placenta out because it did not come out. She tried to remove it with the forceps and ended up having to remove it with her hand. I was released from the hospital Thursday April 9th. Two days later April 11th, I was readmitted into the hospital with a fever of 103, heart rate of 179, and blood pressure 70/40. The ER doctors said I was dehydrated as well. I was readmitted because the doctors said I had pyelonephritis(kidney infection) which had spread into my bloodstream. They also found E.Coli in my urine. I had not had very many bowel movements but when I had one, there was something in it and it was WORMS! I ended up having to stay in the hospital from April 11th-15th with continuous IV saline and multiple antibiotics like Ampicillin and Gentamicin.I asked my OB if I had those things while I was pregnant and if they could have been the reason why I had the miscarriage. She said I was likely to have the miscarriage anyways because of all the complications with the hematoma. She also said the baby was anatomically sound when he was delivered but when I came back with the infection she said there was a possibility that the baby had a deformity and the baby aborted itself( no autopsy was done) She said the placenta was tested and there was not an issue with the actual placenta. She said I had placenta abruption which is what caused the miscarriage.Shouldn’t placenta abruptio have been noticed on the ultrasound that I had Monday April 6th? Should she have admitted me when she noticed that my amniotic fluid was low and I had lost blood? When the nurse noticed that my urine was dark, could she have been able to detect a UTI or kidney infection that day?( I was told that it takes days for the culture to grow and for them to detect pylonephritis) Could the infection have caused me to go into early labor?I apologize for the length of this email but it am really looking for some peace of mind from other sources because I feel that things were not thoroughly explained to me. Pleeeease if you can help me with some answers!!