May be UTI or some other disease

Patient: I have white stuff inside my penis head foreskin today, from last two days i have itching inside my penis forehead. Yesterday i had sex with my wife she too have itching in her vaginal opening today whether it will create any problem. Whats happening for us

Symptoms: Itching inside penis forehed

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Itching in the genitals with white discharge is most likely to be a yeast infection or a bacterial one could also be trichomonas vaginitis. This could be transmitted form a partner, that is you could have transmitted to your wife or vice versa. The other cause could be contact dermatitis due to lubricant or condom allergy if you have used any of them.Kindly see a gynecologist for an examination of your wife. In case of an infection, even you will have to be treated along with her with the specific medications for the organism.A high vaginal swab, urine analysis, blood test may be done.Hope this helped.Regards