May rope jumping leads to infertility?

Patient: My wife is age of 25 doing Rope Jumping/Skipping. Will it cause any problem i.e. not getting pregnant, uterus problems etc?

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Stress, strain and infertility go hand in hand. When vigorous exercise, jumping, skipping etc are done or either for a sports event or for losing weight there are chances that the estrogen levels drop. Generally these women also adopt starving methods to lose fat such that they can perform well. When the hormonal levels of estrogen drop the eggs do not develop leading to amenorrhea and eventually the fertility levels drop.Hope this answers your query. Have a good day

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Patient: Thank you for your Answer Doctor.Got Clarified. Hope 15-20 minutes of walking won’t cause any problem. If so let us know your thought on that too. Thanks in Advance. Looking forward to hear from you soon.