October 19, 2018

Maybe pregnant but unsure of some things

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Patient: I have a problem. I have been noticing that around the time I should expect my period I have been bleeding very little and this is why I suspect that I may be pregnant. around the 18th of march i had sex and my partner had a condom on but i am not sure if it broke. later i found out he was seeing other people so I decide to stop the relationship. Then on the 30th of march I got together with an ex and we had sex. i tried to tell him to keep the condom on but he pulled it out. It is still too early to take a pregnancy test. if you can track my conception, fertilization and ovulation dates to determine who the father may be if that is the case that i am pregnant.

Symptoms: Backache, light cramps, sore around lower abdomen

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for trusting ATD about your health care.I can pass you my opinion about it, but as you are not give n your last period date and your expected period that it is difficult to find out who is the father of your child if you are pregnant by chance.Ovulation usually takes place on the 14th day of the 28th day cycle and fertilization usually occurs in 24 hrs. after ovulation.Please pass me your details so I will be able to impart my opinion about it.Hope it was useful, feel free to discuss more.Regards

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Patient: I believe my last period began around Mar 10 or 11th however I did notice that my cycle is not normally 28. Also I began bleeding little on April 8th. It is the 14th and I am still spotting. On Sunday I experience my entire body and abdomen area getting hot as if I had a fever then woke up and was nauseous. Please let me know if you need more information. I took a test again at 1 am on the 14th and it was negative. If I am pregnant how far along am I? Who would you think the father would be. I asked the first guy and he said it never broke and he never removed it he can tell me for a fact but then again I still have doubts.
Thank you.

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