MCL injury question. PLEASE HELP

Patient: In 2008, i tore my MCL. It was a grade 2, and I used a full leg brace for 6 weeks and did PT for 8. The doctor told me it was healing nicely and I should be fine. Well, in January of this year, it started hurting again. It got pretty swollen, and sore enough to make me limp. I went back to the doctors and he turned my knee and said it felt loose. So I got x-rays and an MRI done, but both of them were clean. The doctor wrote it off as a grade 1 sprain and prescribed some ibuprofen. The last month or two, it’s been hurting again, and like before, it was no reason. It mainly hurts at night, and when I’m bending or walking around a lot. Every once in awhile it gets a little swollen again.Does anyone know if that’s normal, or if my knee just didn’t heal right? Or if my doctor was just a moron, and I should try to see someone else?I haven’t tripped, or been knocked down or even overused it, so I don’t see how I could have possibly injured it, but I don’t have a clue what could be making it hurt like this.