Me and my big gut

Patient: So I’ve always had a gut since I was a little girl, didn’t eat properly etc. I am now 22 and my weight has always been my mid section. Yes I stress a lot but I wonder if it’s more than that. Genetics? Allergy related? I have every so often dull stomach aches/nausea. My arms arent fat, no bingo wings, my legs are toned.. what can I do? What excercises help? Should I see a doctor? My stomach has always protruded…

Symptoms: nausea and stomach aches (very dull ones)

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It can be very challenging to lose abdominal fat with exercise alone. The best results can be observed with a combination of diet and exercise. To do this you will have to reduce the amount of calories that you ingest each week. This can be best achieved by following a diet plan that is reduced in carbohydrates . To lose a pound of fat per you will have to eliminate about 3500 calories from your diet each week. This is very difficult to achieve with diet alone, however with a combination of aerobic exercise combined with a carbohydrate reduced diet, this can be achieved. Exercises such as standard sit ups and daily aerobic exercise will help reduce body fat and tone your abdominal region. The key to this is to remain consistent and allow yourself ample time to reach your goal. You are correct in assuming that abdominal fat is partially predetermined by genetics however lifestyle changes can markedly change your overall body habitus. For more specific informations tailored to your personal fitness level, it would be best to consult a personal trainer and dietitian to assist you in creating a exercise and diet plan best suited for your goals. Please do not start any such plan after you consult your doctor.Thank you for choosing