Me and my boyfriend had outside sex two days ago,

Patient: Me and my boyfriend had outside sex two days ago, his penis never touched my vagina, he was rubbing it on top of my butt then he ejaculated, big part of the semen landed on my lower back, and just little went a little down on my butt but not all the way to the vagina. Then I wiped most ofit out. Then I wiped two remaining drops with my underwear, the back of it. I was wearing a carefree thin pad, and as far as I know, no semen came in contact with my vagina at all. I felt my butt at the same moment and was dry, after I wiped it with cloth and my underwear, which both never same in contact with my vaginaThen I also went and washed it out with water and soap. However, the time we did it was exactly my ovulation date (day 17 of my cycle which is the day I usually ovulate), I was also lubricant, and I am worried if I could be pregnant.There are some really scary stories out there, some written by doctors answering questions, they say even if little semen was on the outside of the vagina or and thats a big “or”, near the vagina !!! then it can make its way up and finally to fertilise an egg.One day after that incident I felt my breast tender, and also little cramps and today lower back pain, I still have 7 days till my next period, I am worried as hell, usually I get breast tenderness like 5 days before my period why did I feel it early ? is lower back pain a good sign that it might be PMS ?I really can’t understand if God forbid I get pregnant how could that happen as it would be really because of a tiny microscopic drop or sth, I check several times and nothing came in contact with my vagina but I am still worried of that microscopic drop God forbid :(, there are many storied about vergin births out there, saying how they got pregnant without intercourse :((please help


Symptoms: Lower back pain, breast slight tenderness

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,There is no chance of pregnancy at all as there was no penetra tion and there was no sperm contact with vagina. Also you washed yourself with soap and water and hence on contact with sperms, they would have deformed and become morphologically abnormal making them further incapable of fertilisation. The sore breast and lower backache is likely to be due to PMS rather than any pregnancy symptoms.If you would like to be sure, then you may get a serum beta hcg test after 7 days post the sex episode, and if the hcg levels are less than 5ng/dl then you can be sure that you are not pregnant at all.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards


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