Me and my girlfriend had intercourse for about 10 seconds

Patient: Me and my girlfriend had intercourse for about 10 seconds. I put it in like an inch when I pulled it out I disnt ejaculate I was just scared so I took it out and there was a little sperm on my penis. We are both very scared and don’t know what to do

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history.If you are certain that you had intercourse of just 10 seconds, that you did not ejaculate into the vagina, the chances of pregnancy are not there. So stop worrying.The so-called sperms on your penis on withdrawal may be your precum or the smear of the vaginal secretions. And these do not contain the sperms.It needs an ejaculation of the semen in the vagina to get the pregnancy.If you still want to be certain and confused as to whether there was ejaculation or not, ask your partner to take an i-pill within 72, preferably 48 hours withing the interaction you had.And stop worrying