Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex But we didnt

Patient: Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex. But we didnt really have intercourse. I just like barely stuck the tip of my penis inside of her vagina and just barely got inside. But that is it. She had her period like 1 – 2 days after we had sex. It was a normal period (her periods are irregular), and it has been 1 month and she is just now starting to feel early signs of pregnancy (nausea, breasts are tender, urinating a lot, always sleepy). We bought a pregnancy test and it says negative even though her period was 1 month ago. Could she be pregnant?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Since your girlfriend had already got her cycles after the intercourse, it rules out a pregnancy. Also, you say that there was not much of a penetration of the penis into the vagina. Hence, chances of pregnancy are very less in her case. The pregnancy test has also been negative. This helps in ruling out pregnancy.However, the symptoms of weight gain, breast aches, bloating, urination etc, can all be due to a premenstrual syndrome as well. It is possible that her next cycle is resuming and hence the symptoms have started. Wait for a week, in case she does not get her periods, repeat the pregnancy test and see a gynecologist for withdrawal bleeding.Hope this helped.Regards