Me and my partner just made the most ignorant mistake

Patient: Me and my partner just made the most ignorant mistake ever. We both are positive for syphilis. I am however currently being treated for syphilis with penicillin going on 4 days out of 14 days now through a 24hr PICC line. My partner will be under going the same procedure once their appointment arrives shortly, but my partner is not currently being treated as of yet. Any way, we both had unprotected sex just recently and I want to know will I be okay being that I am on treatment or will this mistake come back to haunt me once my treatment is over in 10 more days? Meaning will my treatment take care of the new bacteria from my recent intercourse along with the syphilis I already have or will my treatment fail to do so?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I cannot comment if the new intercourse will cause infection or not. Also, syphilis can go into a hibernation state in some people and come back to manifest later on. The hibernation stage does not cause disease until the relapse. Here is the best advice. After completion of the antibiotic dose, see a Doctor to get checked for syphilis. This is done by a fluoroscopic microscopic examination of the lesions. An antibody test may also be used.If positive, the Doctor will give you treatment for this. Hope this helps you. All the best.