Me and my wife had sex and about a week

Patient: Me and my wife had sex and about a week later after sex i notice red spots all over the head of my penis. They dont itch or hurt. It was all over went as far as the mushroom part. the penis head is dry. Also the body also had red rashes with dries up. it goes away if i dont have sex but as soon as i have sex again or masrturbate the red bumps/spots appear again. Is this std. Please help

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to for an opinion,As is understood from the history that these red do ts over the glans or the penile head and the shaft appear only after sex or masturbation and not associated with any itching or pain, then it is unlikely to be an STD, the most common one being herpes simplex which appears in clusters and have a clear fluid-filled blister with itching often accompanied.These are more likely to be penile papules which occur due to congestion and stagnation of blood in small capillaries and are minute haemorrhages at the terminal end capillaries of the penis which tend to occur once complete erection is achieved and friction occurs either during tight vaginal intercourse or enthusiastic masturbation. These generally subside over 2-3 weeks and can reappear once similar frictional injury reoccurs.Other differential diagnosis to be considered is BALANITIS which is a form of inflammation near the glans penis commonly seen in uncircumscribed men. It usually causes redness and/or a blotchy rash on the glans.Mixed infection with anaerobic organisms and Candida infection appear to be the most common cause of disease. Treatment is based on antibiotics / anti-fungal treatment, improved hygiene. Circumcision may be needed in some cases Another possibility is Dermatitis which is still a possibility to be the cause of your symptoms. In either case it is suggested that a local examination of the lesions by a physician is mandatory and also a penile swab culture to rule out any anaerobic or fungal infection which can often present in the similar manner. However, the primary possibility of penile papules which are benign in nature is more likely to be a diagnosis.I hope I have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards