Mean four year old

Patient: I have a 4 year old son. He is so mean, he has been this way since he was 2. He is almost 5 now. He is constaintly being mean, it is like its his secret mission. He has a sister who is 2 he tears up her toys, beats her up, and spits on her. I will tell him to go get his coat or shoes and he over looks them when they are right in front of him. He will not sit down and be still he is always on the go, i put him to bed and he will lay there till 12 or 1am, and he gets up at 6:30am. He doesnt listen, i have whipped him, put him in time out, and took things away and when i whip him he turns around and laughs at me then says haha that didnt hurt. He is driving me NUTS, he driven me to the point that i go in my room close the door and cry! He is so destructive!