August 16, 2018

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Medial knee pain during physical activity

Patient: I have medial knee pain right about where the hamstring attaches. It is very painful when I put weight on that leg when it is fully flexed and also when it is fully extended. Is it tendinitis or something else? And how do I treat it?



Symptoms: Medial knee pain, tenderness



Doctor: Thank you for your question. There are could be a few causes of pain on the medial side of your knee. It is possible tha t one cause of your pain could be due to inflammation or a tear of the medial meniscus. This is a cartilaginous disc that is found on the medial side of knee joint which cushions the joint during articulation. This can become inflamed or even ruptured during physical activity. Diagnosis is reached by physical examination and MRI imaging. Depending on the severity of this injury, you may or may not require surgery. Another possible cause of your pain could be due to the development of arthritis of the knee joint. This can especially be evident by experiencing pain during physical activity. This requires further examination to diagnose as well. Please see your doctor for further examination and evaluation.Thank you for consulting


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