August 16, 2018

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Medial meniscus oblique tear

Patient: My right knee pain started approximately five years ago. It was coming and fading away.Strong pain was appearing once a year and lasted for like ten days during which I had to rest at home. Occasionally I was getting mild pain periods of one to three months during which I was able to perform normally.The pain comes in the inner part of the knee (medial meniscus). I cannot straighten my leg during walking or resting. My knee is swollen. Additionally I get numbness in the ankle of the same leg.Generally my knee feels better when standing and worse while lying.I wake up in the night with frequency related to the pain strength, which happened as frequently as every half hour if I manage to fall asleep at all.Ultrasound tests last two years’ findings: A small amount of infrapetallar bursa fluid is noted on the right side. A small cystic area is observed in the medial meniscus.MRI result April this year says: There is an oblique focus of increased signal within the posterior horn of medial meniscus, which extends to the inferior articular surface. This is compatible with an oblique tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus.(There is no statement regarding the cyst.)No sporting activities. No injures can be related as a cause of the pain.Should I consider a surgical intervention and how soon if so? What outcome could I expect with or without surgery?



Symptoms: Knee pain





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