Medical treatment to cure d problem due to daily masurbation.

Patient: Im 28 yr old, i masturbate daily, and i think it has effected my health nd my penis size has become small. Wht medical treatment should i go for to be back to normal?

Symptoms: My penis get loose vry fast during sex. My sperm level has also got reduced. Some hair of my head, chest nd bear has also become white. Nd i feel like my memory power has also got reduced.

Doctor: We understand your concern and your anxiety to know the details. Many people have misconception that masturbation is bad , that it affects health, produces problems of fertility etc. However, all there assumptions are myths and there is not a grain of truth in them. These are time honored ideas which have outlived in our culture and there no scientific basis for them.Also people think that penis will become small in size, which again cannot be true. Penis has no muscles, mainly it is a spongy tissue, which gets enlarged when blood is pumped inside during arousal. Only muscles can shrink, which is just not there in the penis. Infact, penis may look small in those who don’t masturbate or if they are abstinent. As the semen gets accumulated, one ejaculates faster. The semen loss has no bearing on ones thoughts, memory or intellect.Hence, your anxiety has no scientific basis. It is related to your misconceptions and proper understanding and sex education are the answers. There are no ill-effects of masturbation. There is no medical treatment called for unless you are feeling very anxious. Please do meet your family physician who can help you with education.