Medication and asthma

Patient: I am a 36 year old female whois also a recovering drug-addict.I have been clean now (thankGod) for 2and a half years thanks to a methadone treatment program that has saved my life .I have always been a small woman never being over 115-120lbs. But sense my recovery began i am now at 164lbs .Here for the last month or two i have been having trouble breathing my sisters says its because my breast are larger wich in turm is making me breath worse but i dont buy it .I cant walk from room to room without a attack ,these attacks hurt me so bad i feel like i am not ever gonna breate agin ! thats how sever it gets .My family history is heart disease and highblood pressure. my pa at the methadone clinis said my bp was elavated the last 2 times he checked it and told me to get it looked at .My question is what’s going on with my breathing?