Medication and Pregnacy.

Patient: I’m asking for my girlfriend that may be pregnant >she takes meds for seizures and depressionhere are her Daily Meds200mg – Topiramate – 1 AM – 2 PM5mg – Melatonin – 1pm2mg – Escitalopram – 1am200mg – Lamotrigine 1am 2pm300mg – Quetiapine fumarate 1.5 pm4200mg cranberry 1amone a day women’s vitamins 1 amshe is 27 years old200 lbs5’5”

Symptoms: May be pregnant

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,If one is already on so many drugs and antipsychotics , it is advised that she should n ot contemplate pregnancy as these meds are known to cause congenital defects in the foetus. It is important that she confirms pregnancy first and discuss the procedure for termination of pregnancy, as it is not safe to be on such medications and plan a pregnancy.regards