Medication causing high blood sugar?

Patient: Can lisinopril and/or montelukast cause blood sugar to elevate? If so, will discontinuation of medication fix this problem?

Symptoms: I have increased urination and thirst, elevated blood sugar levels, weight loss (not rapid), and hve experienced two yeast infections. Did not experience any of these until immediately after beginning my medications around a month ago.

Doctor: Hi and thanks for the query, we are pleased to be assisting you with your health questions today.No, lisinopril and/ or montelukast both are not causing blood sugar to elevate.There is no point to discontinue these medications.Your high blood sugar may be precipitated by infections and it was coincidental that you started these medication at that time.Hope this helps and provides answers to your question.If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to ask me againI wish you good health, take care