Medication in early pregnancy risk

Patient: Hello,Please answer my question as I’m so worried.I have found out I’m pregnant. It wasn’t planned and I was using birth control. I’m keen to keep the baby but took some clenbuterol pills for weight loss in the three weeks following conception. I stopped as soon as I found out. Clen is legal in Europe and used to treat asthma, however it is definitely not recommended or classed as safe for pregnant women. I’m ashamed to say I ordered it from the internet.What damage am I likely to have done to the baby in the first three weeks? I know that in three weeks the baby is unlikely to have formed a placenta, could I have caused a birth defect so early on?I’m pretty sure there’s a risk, I’ve spoken to my local doctor who says there is probably a risk but as he doesn’t know anything about the drug he can’t say. Could anyone advise how serious and how likely is the risk of a serious birth defect? A 1% risk, a 50% a 90%?Thank you for reading this.