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Medication loss abroad: Tetralysal

Patient: Hi there, I take Tetralysal everyday for Rosacea and have just travelled to Japan, during which the airline lost my check-in bag. For the next couple of days at least I have no Tetralysal in my possession (it is all in said bag) and am unsure how exactly to go about acquiring more whilst in this country. Will this be problematic at all? I am currently a few hours overdue for the dose that I should have taken today. Could this be dangerous? Might it be necessary to find an English speaking doctor and attempt to acquire more immediately?


Symptoms: Symptoms: None currently

Doctor: Hello,WELL NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL, if you have been on tetrasyal 300 and if you have lost it in transit, you may take a n alternative medicine of the same group called…TAB DOXYCYLINE 100mg twice a day fro the remaining days till you get you baggage back. It works on the same mechanism of action and similar precautions as prevention from direct sunlight has to be followed as it would flare up Rosacea. Also you may use application of a sun screen if required with SPF 40 concentration , it would be an add on.There is no need to panic.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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