Medicine for Diabetes II

Patient: HI Good Afternoon SirMy father-in-law’s age is 73 years with height 5.2” & weight 52 kg. He is suffering from diabetes since last 15 years. His blood suger level was approx fasting 200 & pp 350.In July, 2013 , a doctor from Pvt. Hospital has prescribed Galvus met 50/500 and Amaryl 2mg. After taking these medicine his suger level has been controlled and reached at fasting 80-100 & pp 120-150.Now, in Jun, 2014, a doctor from Govt. Hospital has changed Galvus to Istamet 50/500.Again, Oct, 2014, an another doctor from Govt. Dispensary has changed Istament 50/500 to Zita 100 mg.So, I am totally scared and puzzle that which medicine is right and should be taken. Please suggest me.Thanking you in advance.Pradeep Kumar

Doctor: A very good afternoon to you as well. Good to hear that you are so much concerned and worried about your father-in-law. Galvus is combination of 2 drugs that is Vildagliptin 50mg and metformin 500mg, it is a very good oral antidiabetic drug similarly istamet is combination of sitagliptin 50mg and metformin 500mg. Sitagliptin and vildagliptin are almost similar drugs and act similarly. But the dosage is different vildagliptin is taken twice daily and sitagliptin once daily. Zita is nothing but sitagliptin 100mg and should be taken once daily. Now as long as your father-in-law’s blood suger levels are under control then you do not have to worry just continue with the prescribed medications.