Medicines or Surgery for broad forehead?

Patient: I am a female of 25 years age. From birth I have a very broad forehead and with time it is becoming even larger. Please tell me whether I should go for plastic surgery or it can be treated through medicines. I have visited both a plastic surgeon and a skin doctor. The skin doctor has prescribed : Zydip Mnx-5 Biotee-Plus Hairvital shampoo I want to know if these medicines will grow hair on the forehead where there are no hair follicles. Please tell if there are any side effects of these medicines. The plastic surgeon suggested a method in which a balloon is fitted and the hairline is shifted down. Does this method leave any visible scars and how much prominent they are. Please tell which is the best method for broad forehead surgery. I will be highly thankful to u if u help me. Thanks

Doctor: Unfortunately, these medicines will not cause hair growth in areas without hair follicles. In particular, Mnx- 5 (Minoxi dil 5%) was shown to be effective in the treatment of male-pattern baldness and hair loss resumed after discontinuation of the product. Some of  the reported side effects include unwanted hair growth in other areas, irritation and burning of the eyes as well as irritation of the treatment area.  Allergic reactions are also possible.The method suggested by your plastic surgeon offers the best solution to your problem. The medications prescribed by your skin doctor will require indefinite use, whereas surgery offers a permanent solution. Your plastic surgeon will place the incisions such that any resultant scars will be hidden from view. You should speak to your plastic surgeon in detail about the procedure.