Memory disorder?ADHD? pleasse help!

Patient: Hello, I think I have a memory disorder and social anxiety. How would my doctor know if I do? Im really scared to mention anything to her, When it comes to when i assume she will ask why, its hard for me to tell her because A. its embarrasing and B. I cant even remember the reasons half the time. My teacher has noticed and mentioned that I really need to get checked because my memory is starting to effect my school work. Its getting worse as well, and its starting to really get horrible for me. in a matter of 5seconds I can forget what I was doing or what I had just read ect. Also, I think possibly ADHD? how is that tested for? I have feelings I cant control, its an insanely horrible feeling to not be able to control it, all I want to do it not feel that way because its usually shitty feelings, but I just cant. I can get to the point where im just quiet and just errgg. and people are talking to meand i want to respond but I just cant make myself. Or bad thoughts that I just really really really want to go away,, by bad I dont mean self harm. Does that sound like ADHD?if not then whats wrong with me? I need help.

Symptoms: Memory loss, Bad thoughts, uncontrollable feelings