Meniscal Injury and Knee Pain After Yoga

Patient: I’m a 20 year old female that has been doing yoga for a few years. Recently while doing yoga I tried out a new position and I made an awkward movement that made my knee do a bit of a grinding sound. It didn’t hurt, so I kept going with gentler poses. The next day while walking around the mall I realized the same knee was starting to hurt in the upper left and right side of my knee. The pain isn’t sharp, but it’s there, and it feels like my knee is generally weak. It also started to pop very often, but the popping sounds are also painless. This has been going on for a bit over a week, and the pain goes on and off. I’ve never had any knee injuries prior to this, and I hope it’s nothing serious.How long will this keep going though?

Doctor: Your description suggests that the injury is most likely of the meniscus, which are the cushions at the knee joint plac ced between the two opposing surfaces of the bones that form the knee joint.Meniscal injuries are caused by movements that forcefully rotate the knee while bearing weight or due to the twist or rotation of the upper leg while the foot is still firmly planted.You may want to visit your doctor for a clinical evaluation and assessment of the extent of the injury.  These injuries usually do not produce severe pain and disability, so people often miss starting treatment asearly as possible. The treatment will depends on the extent of the injury, a mild injury may only need physiotherapy and some muscle strengthening exercise, while more severe injuries may require surgicalrepair.