Meniscal lesion grade one treatment

Patient: Im 31 yrs old male who got knee trauma 3 months ago and suffering of knee pain and unstable for 3 months my MRI result : Grade one signal lesion of the posterior horn medial meniscus and mild joint effusion . is that means TEAR ??? what is your advise surgical or non-surgical ( as my doctor advised me ) ?? if non- surgical added to the physiotherapy what can i do at home to help my self ??? is the problem of walking because of the tear or the effusion ?? can the effusion gone with NSAID or cortison ??? thanx

Doctor: Depends what you are doing. If you are an athlete and plan on doing activity i would suggest surgery. If its just walkin g, etc you will be fine. If non-surgical route you go, id have the physio write me a rehab plan.