Meniscus Injury

Patient: Hello, I am a 45 year old male and was at 225 lbs, 5’10 during this injury. I believe I have a torn meniscus in my right knee. I am currently unemployed and have no insurance for an MRI or surgery. I hurt my knee playing outdoor volleyball about four months ago but had zero inflammation but extreme pain for about four days. I still have occasional discomfort and sometimes sharp pains. My question is whether or not it can get worse if I was to wrap it tightly and try to play again? Volleyball is the only form of exercise that I enjoy and it has helped me to lose considerable weight in a short time..I was 285 lbs and in six months I lost 50 lbs and my lowest was at 213 lbs, now I am back to 250 lbs since my injury. I need help before I kill myself with obesity.