Meniscus replacement surgery, Is it possible?

Patient: I had to have my meniscus removed a couple of years ago. Up to that point I was a marathon runner and can’t seem to find a replacement for running. I have heard of some new procedures around meniscus replacement using cadaver menisci, is this true? Or are there any other alternatives for replacement other than a full knee?

Doctor: What you have heard about meniscus transplantation is true except that the replacement meniscus is supplied by an organ donor and not a cadaver.This procedure is relatively uncommon but early studies have demonstrated significant benefit in pain relief and return to sporting activities. Patients must be carefully selected for the procedure to ensure a favourable outcome. You will need to speak with an orthopedic surgeon who has special expertise in this kind of surgery to see if you are a candidate. Recovery may take up to six months and will involve intense physical therapy.