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Meniscus tear further damaged by walking?

Patient: I injured my knee playing soccer a couple months ago. The ER told me everything was ok originally. Four weeks later, I went to an orthopedist who informed me I had an ACL tear and smashed meniscus. The time In between doctor visits, I walked a little each day on the knee because it did not cause me pain. I have since had surgery to repair the ACL and, unfortunately, remove 50% off the meniscus. For my current peace of mind, I was just wondering, do you think I could have really torn up the meniscus much more after the injury just by a little walking?




Doctor: It is unlikely that you did any more significant damage to your knee between the time of injury and the time of surgery. . ACL and meniscus injuries are common sports injuries and require significant rotational forces to occur. While walking around with such injuries can cause pain, it is not very likley that any more damage was done.


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