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Meniscus tear grade one recovery time

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hello sir,while going for normal running .. my left knee started paining. MRI SCAN suggested 1.GRADE 1 SIGNAL INVOLVING POSTERIOR HORN OF MEDIAL MENISCUS. 2.MINIMAL JOINT EFFUSION OF LEFT KNEE JOINT. .. sir doctor told me tht it vl recover with rest and no surgery is required,bt it hs been mre than a month nw.. pain is not their .. but i shy in putting weight on d leg and sumtimes clicking sound is there. sir MAY I KNOW HW MUCH TIME DOES IT TAKE TO RECOVERCOMPLETELY and WUD I BE ABLE TO RUN WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM IN FUTURRE ??


Menisci injuries are a common problem in sports and in young active individuals; they are the most frequent injury to the knee joint. The menisci are C -shaped fibrocartilaginous structures attached to the tibia and their main functions to enhance the contact between the two articular surfaces of the knee: femur and tibia ones. Sometimes these injuries are associated with ACL or collateral ligaments tears. If the meniscus lesion is mild (grade 1) conservative treatment can be used. Spontaneous healing is common because of the rich blood supply in the meniscus periphery. Successful recovery from a meniscus tear is helped by a gradual resolution of symptoms over 6 weeks with a return to normal activity by 3 months. But in more severe cases (complete torn meniscus and/or ligaments) the arthroscopic repair surgery must be considered.

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