Menopause in a year’s time. My doctor told me that i will hit menopause in a year time, What are the tests available?

Patient: I’m unmarried 42 yrs old female.. my doctor says i’ll hit menopause in a years time..Pls advice if there are any tests available to check the same

Symptoms: Gaining weight and inches at waist(44) and breast (40). Gym is also not helping.. I’m 64 kgs..

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Menopause may happen any time from 45 years to 58 years, this being only a range, common in most of the women. Some women may go through menopause earlier and some even later. Premature menopause is when a woman reaches menopause before 40 years. There are ways to detect an early menopause, the signs being hot flushes, dry vagina, mood swings, body aches, irregular cycles, heavy cycles for months and insomnia.The symptoms may vary from person to person. Blood tests like day 3 FSH will be on a higher side and estrogen levels will be coming down. Ultrasound of the pelvis may show shrinking uterus, going to a state of atrophy and ovaries also reducing in size. In case of a family history of early menopause in mother or siblings, the probability in you is also high.Hope this helped.