Menopause or Depression? Reduced drive and Exhaustion

Patient: My two major symptoms are reduced drive and that I look exhausted. My GP ran blood tests including thyroid and hormone, all came back normal. I don’t feel normal. What do I do next? I can’t get back in to see my GP for two weeks. I truly don’t want to wait that long. What specialty of doctor could help me? Thanks so much for any help you may be able to give!

Doctor: Exhaustion and reduced drive may be present in menopause, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. You will have to cons ult your GP in this regard. Usually most of the tests will come back normal, so a detailed history and a thorough physical examination may reveal the diagnosis. The treatment will depend on the diagnosis. A family physicain who can see you in the long term is the doctor that I would choose. Hope this answers your questions, take care.