MENS and Niacin tab for Grow taller

Patient: I have found a method called the “MENS”. Will I be fine if I take 50mg of 5htp and 500mg of niacin? Will they interact with each other and cause any health problem. I already have a bunion. I have also heard about those nasty gout that causes from uric acid which niacin contain. THANKS

Symptoms: Anxiety, depression, sleep problem, fatigue.

Doctor: 5HTP (5-hydroxytrptophan) is usually used for weight reduction, though it has shown to be useful in conditions like depr ession, sleeplessness, etc. Niacin is a vitamin, which is metabolized to 5HTP. Many researches have shown no side effects with either of drugs, but also shown no specific advantage with the combination of drugs as one drug get metabolized to other. Niacin is safe drug in gouty arthritis