Menstral cramps in 50 year old Woman

Patient: I have stopped taking birth control pills 3 months ago and have not had a period although i have bad cramps, is this normal i am 50 years old

Doctor: To help diagnose the problem, it is helpful to know if you have had a history of regular cycles or irregular cycles.  Th he use of birth control pill likely made your cycles regular so it is difficult to know what your natural cycle behaves like.When stopping the birth control pill, your cycle usually takes 3-6 months to return to its normal state.  It is normal to have irregular patterns of bleeding but unusual to have no bleeding. Investigations are warranted in this case.Possible causes include: pregnancy; menopause; hormone abnormality; nutritional deficiency; anatomic anomaly and stress.I suggest you see your family doctor, appropriate blood work and imaging will help determine the cause.