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Menstration Cycle Messed Up Or Pregnant Or What?!?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I am 23 yrs old I had unpotected sex 1 da ater my menstruation cycle and my boyfriend came inside me 16 days later (following month) I got my "period" for three days 1st day was just some discoloring, 2nd day it was there and then 3rd day GONE! This has never happened EVER I have been irregular but nothing like this. A fe days after havin unprotected sex my breats where tender and swollen that has gone away also i havr had cramps like i am going to get my menstrual cycle? Could i be pregnant and after having unprotected sex how many days is sufficiant enough to take the test and get a correct answer? thanks.

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I do understand that you are concerned by your symptoms. You do have chances of being pregnant. The light bleeding you experienced could be due to menstruation or an implantation bleed. Pregnancy tests are however pretty standard in quality. However the best time to take a pregnancy test is 5-7 days after a missed period as this is when the hormone levels in the urine are high enough to be picked up by the test. Another option would be to see your doctor and do a blood pregnancy test which is more sensitive in determining pregnancy.

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