Menstrual Cycle bleeding less

Patient: I had sex and that month I had also my period and that was as usual. But in last two periods I have not that much of bleeding as before. Is that chances of pregnancy. But there is no delay in my periods. So please help me

Doctor: You have not really specified how many days does your period last? Generally a period that lasts longer than a day need not be treated.Hypomenorrhea is the medical term used to describe scanty or short periods leading to less than 30 ml of blood loss. Hypomenorrhea is a result of a variety of causes such as thyroid illness, pelvic infections, excessive exercise, crash diets, stress etc.Having changes in your normal pattern of periods like change in cycle length or duration are part of nature’s normal variation. There is nothing to worry as long as your periods last for a whole day and you are changing at least 3 – 4 pads in one day.