Patient: I have a grade 11-111 anterolisthesis. I have been on SDI for 8 months. Workmans comp has just accepted my claim and sent me to there doctors. I spent 45 mins with him and he never even asked how I was feeling or anything. He then said we would try the epidural shots first then if that doesn’t work we will talk about surgery, the problem is, he released me to work without even telling me, I found out when I read my papers after leaving his office. I am a merchandiser for coke and light duty is repackaging 12 pak and cases that have broken packaging. That’s a lot of bending and picking up . I don’t feel I can do that. Also I have another claim as well and it’s my left wrist. I have avascular necrosis and it’s very painful. I will be seeing a different surgeon for my wrist, same office different doc. They couldn’t get me in to that doctor until June. I. Can’t even lift a 12 pak or a case of coke with my wrist. What can I do?