Messed up my pill and confused about ovulation and periods

Patient: Hi I started the pill yasmin a day late I then missed 8 pills with in the 1st two weeks but can’t remeber what days there were. I stopped the pills all together ! I think I started to spot the wed thurs but came on witha flow the sat and stopped bleeding the wed after. It has now been 4 weeks since I stopped bleeding as I cannot remember exactly what day I started bleeding . I was actualy due to ovulate the wed thurs as I was stopping the withdrawal bleed so unsure of if this will of still happend! I then would off been due on 2 weeks after that which I had nothingIf I was to count 28 from the sat the withdrawal bleed got heavy and count that as my new cycle I am now past 28 days and on 31 days with no real sign of anything.2 weeks after the sat the withdrawal got heavy (new yrs eve) I have extreamly sore and itchy nipples not normal for me bfore period I’ve had cramps headaches very tired dizzyness gipping n sickly threw the day so I am confused!I have started to take foic acid just in case . This was my 1st month taking the pill after been off it 7 month so I doubt it would of messed my cycle up that bad as I was regular off the pill !! So how long shoud I wait to test.. Think I may test next week but what are the chances???Hope u can help as I’ve looked for an answer on the internet for weeks now and not found a situation the same!!