Metal rod poking through skin in lower back!

Patient: Have a rod poking through my skin where i had spine surgery. Also have 7 protrusions through my thoracic spine. I have lost all the feeling in my feet and the inside of my legs. I have had random bladder control loss. When the rod poked through the skin it happens every time i lean to the right. 40yr old male medicare. Last trip to er cost me over $2000. Have to take care of my 3 kids again tomorrow, my wife will not take a day off work so i can be seen. My primary care dr is on medical leave for 3 months. Taking 15mg ms contin 3xday and tylenol 3 for pain. The same dose since 2010. My pain dr left town, and refered me to a new one for a consultation the middle of next month. Also take keppre 750mg 2xday and kolopin .5 2xday for seziures. Cannot drive. Is there anything i can do to keep the area where the rod came through from getting infected. The pain is the worst thing i have ever felt and i hate my kids seeing me cry. Supposed to see Dr. Richard Fessler at Rush but consultation is not for months. Help me please!!

Symptoms: Numb feet and legs, bladder control loss, metal rod poking through skin in lower back, fever.