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Methods and devices to diagnose hypertension

Patient: Currently there are only 2 methods available to measure blood pressure in our body. They are Auscultatory and Oscillometric method. Is there any new method coming up soon? i heard from someone that says about central pressure measuring would be the most accurate method but not sure if this is the case. Are you able to provide any information on that.


Doctor: As you have mentioned there are currently two common methods of measuring blood pressure, auscultatory and oscillometric methods. Auscultatory devices include mercury and aneroid sphgmanometers. Mercury sphygmomanometers provide the most accurate measurement of BP. Aneroid sphygmomanometers, which are used in many offices, should be checked against a mercury device since the air gauge may be in error. Automated oscillometric BP measuring devices are increasingly being used in medical offices, and for home monitoring. The readings are typically lower than BP obtained with the auscultatory method. Other methods for measuring blood pressure are more invasive and generally reserved for intensive care unit monitoring, such as arterial line insertion or central venous pressuring monitoring.


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