Methods of Birth Control, and Prune Belly Syndrome

Patient: My boyfriend was born with Prune Belly Syndrome, and one of the consequential complications was the presence of undescended testicles. He has had surgeries due to the infections and complications of PBS, one of which fixed the undescended testicles. We are aware that one of the possible outcomes of PBS is infertility. This seems to be the case; my boyfriend has only had orgasms that were accompanied with ejaculation a handful of times in his life. We just started having sex, and I am on the BCP Lomedia 24 Fe, I have been for about 6 weeks now. I forgot one pill at the usual time I take it, but remembered within 12 hours and took the dose. Because I am on the pill, and because he has dry orgasms, we do not always use a condom as it seems almost redundant and pointless. Also, he does not orgasm inside of me, and when he orgasms, nothing comes out. Our concern is that despite all of these circumstances, there is a chance that I would get pregnant. We realize that even if we were trying to get pregnant right now, it is highly unlikely given his PBS and apparent consequential dry orgasms. I am asking if it is correct to assume that I will not become pregnant given my BCP and his dry orgasms and pulling out, or is it still necessary for us to use 2 types or birth control? Thanks!

Symptoms: No ejaculation