MIBI or myocardial perfusion scan

Patient: I recently had a mibi test. The doctor mentioned something about heart function being at 50%- 75%. Mine was 52% so he didn’t seem to feel there was any problem. I didn’t think of it until later but is that on the lower end of the spectrum or higher end. If it is on the lower end my question would be why? As I exercise daily and ride my bike all over. Thankyou

Doctor: A MIBI is also known as a myocardial perfusion scan. 99mTc MIBI is injected while the patient is at rest and then the my ocardium is imaged. A second set of images are recorded when the patient is stressed either by exercising on a treadmill or pharmacologically. 52% heart function is within normal limits. I would not be concerned as to whether this is the lower limit of normal. All investigations have a range of what is considered to be normal and 52% on a MIBI is very reassuring.