Microalbuminaria test results

Patient: Hi, my husband took the microalbuminaria test together with a urinalysis. I wanted to have it analyzed by a medical practitioner immediately. Unfortunately they are on a holiday. What do these results mean? : microalbumin- 32.7 mg/l, creatinine- 41.8 mg/dl, A/C ratio- 78.2 mg/g. Regarding his urinalysis, protein is negative. His doctor advised him to take Forxiga but I believe Forxiga is not recommended for people with kidney problems.1. What do these results mean?2. Can my husband continue to take Forxiga?Additional information: my husband has a type II diabetes and he is currently taking Amvasc, Glumet, Diamicron, Ursoliv, and Lipway.

Symptoms: High blood sugar, high blood, diabetes