Mid-Back Pain and Related Disc Problem

Patient: I am suffering from back pain due to accident. Currently on pain medication. I was given pain patch to try. Besides feeling “out of it” I suffered suvere muscle pain in shoulder where patch was and muscle ridgity in my middle back, bad enough to send me to hospital. They took xrays to rule out infection and such. They found that I have bad disc now in my mid back that I never had. Can severe muscle ridgity cause a disc to rupture or herniate? Like I said never had an issue until the problems with the pain patch?

Doctor: Heavy strain (muscle or ligament tear) of the back or falls are the likely cause of most disc problems, and as such your condition is more likely to be related to your accident.The possibillity for a pain patch to cause such a severe strain of the mid back muscles is very minimal, especially with the patch applied in the shoulder area. In my opinion, the initial back pain you experienced may have been related to the disc being localised and flared up with bulging or herniation due to the impingement of some nerves, and furhter investigation may now have found the root cause of the pain.